We see Rivers throw for Allen and Thompson intercept it.

This is just lack of execution on my part. Right now, I should be throwing to Williams. And this is the sort of thing we talk about; after the game, [offensive coordinator] Ken Whisenhunt and Shane Steichen, our quarterback coach, we said to each other, ‘We should know when the backside safety is going to push over to help inside,’ and we did know.’ To prevent Collins from helping over the middle, the Chargers could have kept Williams on some sort of vertical route on Collins’s side of the field.

Anderson stole the show in Georgia’s double-overtime win over Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, carrying 26 times for 201 yards with a pair of touchdowns, including a 41-yard scoring scamper early in the second quarter in which he burst through a hole at the line of scrimmage and dusted the Bulldogs’ secondary on the way to the end zone. That game offered a glimpse of what Anderson can do against an elite defense, and just about all of the ones he’ll face in Big 12 play this season will be far more permissive. With Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield off to the NFL, Oklahoma could increase Anderson’s workload as the new starter (either redshirt junior Kyler Murray or redshirt sophomore Austin Kendall) gets acclimated under center.

Tim Connolly: As you’d come down from the home team’s locker room, you’d go down this ramp and make a right hand turn onto the field, and when the offense came out of the locker room to run down for pregame warmups and they’d be yelling at each other $100 for first touchdown, longest touchdown and most touchdowns. No, make that $200, $300 for long distance. They were like high school kids. They were great.

Cris Carter: Randy and I played a lot of cards—we liked to gamble, so I knew it would motivate him. It’s easy to get his attention to say, First series, hey, first touchdown is worth $100. If it goes over 50 yards in distance, I’ll give you $200. And then we always had like $100 on 100-yard games.

I needed my money. I’m out here working. Absolutely [I made Randy pay]. There’s nothing better than taking money from a rich guy. So you had to pay.

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