Guidry believes Yankees fans won’t have to wait quite so long to see his record broken.

When he walks on that mound, he walks out there, and he just goes, ‘OK, I’m Luis Severino. I’m here. Come get me,’ Guidry said, referring to the current ace of the Yankees’ pitching staff. He’s so good, he can just say, ‘Here, guys. It’s a fastball, middle of the plate. Go ahead.’

Nah, I don’t pay attention to those, Severino said. I’m just thinking about working and getting ahead in the count and try to throw my secondary pitches through the dirt. If they hit it, I get a ground ball. If they chase it, that’s their problem.

To this point, 132 batters have had the problem of either swinging through or watching a called third strike on one of Severino’s sharp breaking pitches or his blindingly quick fastball.

After signing team-friendly extensions with the Suns in 2014, Markieff ($8.6 million cap hit with the Wizards) and Marcus Morris ($5.4 million with the Celtics) now enter the final year of their contracts.

In the case of Marcus, the Celtics’ future finances could play a role if the forward is mentioned in trade rumors. With Kyrie Irving and Terry Rozier both up for new contracts in 2019, Boston will be a tax team, and retaining Morris would be considered a luxury and not a priority.

The Wizards are two years ahead of where the Celtics will be in 2019: a team with a high payroll forced to make roster decisions based on finances. Because the Wizards do not have cap flexibility for the foreseeable future, the trade discussions centered around Markieff should not be about limiting finances but about finding his replacement for 2019. If they let him walk in unrestricted free agency, they won’t have the flexibility to capably replace him.

Two other teams topped out at six busts apiece: the 49ers and, most surprisingly, the Vikings, who were hurt by recency bias as well as the metric’s unfeeling indifference toward special teams play and injured players (Cordarrelle Patterson, Sharrif Floyd, and Teddy Bridgewater were all counted on the list, but could still play their way out of bust status). Fortunately for Minnesota, a higher number of draft wins and some savvy moves in free agency have mitigated those mistakes.

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